Are You Already a Member?


You are automatically part of the Provider Registry and do not need to submit an application if you meet one of these conditions:

  • You are a Dental provider with a membership in good standing with a dental association in Canada. We automatically register Dental providers based on membership lists we receive from various dental associations. Your unique provider number in our registry is your current association license number.
  • You are submitting claims to one of the providerConnect™ Participating Carriers/Adjudicators/Third Party Payors. You will find your unique Provider Number on your statement from the Participating Carriers/Adjudicators/Third Party Payors outlined in Schedule A within your Agreement.
  • You are a Quebec Pharmacist registered with AQPP. We automatically register Quebec Pharmacy providers based on membership lists we receive from AQPP. Please Contact Us to receive your registration key in order to activate your providerConnect Secure Services online account.
  • If you are a member and have your registration key Activate your account here.

If you are not a member we invite you to apply today by continuing with the application process below.

New to the Provider Registry?

To become an authorized provider with the Participating Carriers/Adjudicators/Third Party Payors, simply choose 'Provider Registry' from the menu above and fill out the online application or use the links to the Provider Registry Application Forms listed below. When you get your new provider number, you will be an authorized member with providerConnect™ and be registered with the following Participating Carriers/Adjudicators/Third Party Payors:

Participating Carriers/Adjudicators/Third Party Payors

Green Shield Canada
SSQ Insurance
RBC Insurance (Dental Benefits)
*for Dental Benefits only
Empire Life
*for Extended Health Services only
MÉDIC Construction (Green Shield Canada)
MÉDIC Construction (Green Shield Canada)

Being a member of the Provider Registry will enable you to submit to the Participating Carriers/Adjudicators/Third Party Payors directly and use your unique provider number to register for Secure Services.

Provider Registry Application Forms

Please click on one of the following links to begin your application:

Pharmacy Application

Health Professional Application

Non-Health or Accommodation Application